technical details for nerds

This page contains a smattering of technical information that I think some people might find interesting, but not enough people for it to be included on the main page.


This site, and some of the others in my * platform record pseudo-anonymous page-view information. In particular, it stores:

  • Remote hostname
  • Incoming IP address(es)
  • Request method
  • Original request URL
  • Whether or not the request was XHR
  • A generic page-slug
  • Timestamp of access

Collecting the above information helps me gauge the rate-of-access of various pages on my platform over time.

My analytics system is home-grown, intentionally, to record just the information I wanted to use. So, I avoid collecting any additional information than is necessary for my purposes.


Status: Will record page views

Even though my analytics-system is geared towards individual privacy and minimal obtrusiveness, you can still opt-out to avoid having your page views recorded for * sites.

To do so, click here.

Collection Methods

It's not super relevant to the privacy aspect, but for those who are curious, I record page-views two different ways:

  • On first-party pages, the page-views are recorded on the back-end when the page is served.
  • For other * pages (like my static host, CoreID, and Noded), a short script makes a request to a CORS-enabled endpoint to record the view.

When you opt-out of page-view recording, this site sets a CORS-compatible cookie analytics.optout in your browser. If the analytics endpoints detect this cookie, the page view will not be recorded.